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Hello, my dear.

I am a domme who lives in Austin, TX and I absolutely love the work that I do. I have been kinky ever since I started to explore my sexuality and have over ten years of experience playing with many lovely submissives and bottoms. As a domme, I'm continuously learning new skills and coming up with inventive new situations for my play partners. I love pain, but it does not need to be part of the scene. What makes me happy is the dominance and control over the person I am with.

My favorite thing to do is play mind games, often with pain or anticipation or puzzles. I am most proud of the moments when I can catch someone off guard and take them to a place they weren't expecting. I find that my dynamic and mood changes depending on who I'm playing with. I will always want to be in control of a scene, but how that chooses to express itself is quite variable.

I consider myself to be a joyful dominant. During my scenes, I am usually smiling and laughing. Manipulating my partner and making them suffer always brings a sense of calm and happiness to me. And I have a weakness for submissives who work very hard to bring a smile to my face. 

Types of Play

I am a domme who plays in many different ways, using many different tools, for many different outcomes. I'm not here to act out anyone's fantasy, but to help them grow. Playing with me will always be a challenge, and I pride myself on knowing how to push, and how far to push, to create an unforgettable experience.

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One of my many sides as a dominant is fun and playful. I enjoy inventing and creating games for my submissives and then watching them struggle to succeed. I do not believe that all kink needs to be stern and serious. Some of the best moments can be relaxed and lighthearted. 


I can be nurturing and gentle, but I can also be twisted and cruel. Frustration, fear, and surprise are all some of my favorite reactions to pull out of submissives. I see pain as an exquisite tool to achieve some of my more sadistic goals. Be very careful if you let me play with my more wicked side. I can promise that you're not prepared for what I plan to do.   

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My scenes are fairly unconventional. I have made submissives put together puzzles while blindfolded. I have also made them memorize poetry while they are being spanked. The people who I choose to play with are always delightfully surprised by the unique nature of my orders. The style I choose to play with is intellectual and exciting.  


Core Philosophy

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I believe in safety and consent above all else. I believe that true submission deserves to be treated with respect and care. I believe that the domme and the submissive should be given equal consideration for the things that they need out of a scene. Hard limits are never on the table. Soft limits are carefully negotiated before a scene takes place. No alcohol or drugs. Play is at its best when the high comes from the experience. Not everything is for everyone, and I want to talk with other people about what makes them hot. Once we've discussed something, then I can decide if that particular activity is right for us.